SkyTrak Golf Simulator Review (2020) – SkyTrak Review

As one of the leading makers of golf simulators in the world, SkyTrak will be one of the first brands that you will find when you begin searching for them. 

But finding an appropriate SkyTrak golf simulator review might not be as easy to find. Thankfully, we have written some SkyTrak reviews to help guide you through the best golf simulators out there on the market.

Regardless of the type of golfer that you are, there is undoubtedly a SkyTrak golf simulator out there for your needs. They are all high quality and built to give you the best performance possible.

You will need to know what kind of features come with your simulator, what the set up looks like, and even what is simply in the box that comes with it. 

While there might be several SkyTrak simulators, each one has something different to offer. We have broken them down to help you out.

SkyTrak Review - Which Product Is the Best

Product Name

Skill Level


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1. SkyTrak Compact Golf Simulator

Editor's Choice



2. SkyTrak Launch Monitor

Launch Monitor



3. SkyTrak SwingBay Simulator

High Performance



4. SkyTrak Retractable Simulator



5. SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator

Budget Friendly



1. SkyTrak Compact Golf Simulator Package

Editor's Choice

This package is ideal for golfers who do not have a lot of room to work with, but still want to be able to work on their golfing skills at home.

SkyTrak Compact Golf Simulator


You will be happy with the features that come with the SkyTrak Compact simulator. To begin with, the simulator has Game Improvement software that will provide you with a driving range to play on as well as a lot of feedback on how well you are playing.

You will be able to see the data in real-time, so you will know exactly what you need to change before you take your next shot.

The Simulator’s Feedback Includes:

  • Distance
  • Ball speed
  • Back spin
  • Side spin
  • Launch angle
  • Flight path

The simulator itself will connect to your devices wirelessly so you will be able to take your SkyTrak launch monitor anywhere throughout your home, as long as you have enough clearance to swing.

It is always a good idea to make sure a room is the right size before setting up a simulator, in case the ceiling is a little low. The package has a projector with it as well that can be mounted to the ceiling to give you a stable reading on your shots.

What’s Included In The Package

This package has a lot included with it, such as:

  • SkyTrak launch monitor and protective case
  • Game improvement software
  • Landing pad turf
  • 25 foot HDMI cable
  • Ceiling projector mount
  • Optoma HD short throw projector
  • Choice of hitting mat
  • Net return simulator series and enclosure

All of these items will make it easy for you to play a game right at home.

SkyTrak Compact Golf Simulator Pros

  • Easily portable
  • Easy to setup
  • Shot and ball data for game improvement
  • High-speed photometric technology
  • Comes with everything that you need

2. SkyTrak Launch Monitor & Simulator Software

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Review

The second SkyTrak review that we would like to provide is for the SkyTrak Launch Monitor. This works a little bit differently than the simulator does, but nonetheless will still perform well.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor


The launch monitor has a lot of great features to work with, including the fact that it can provide data on:

  • Total distance
  • Carry distance
  • Club Head speed
  • Launch angle
  • Side spin
  • Flight path
  • Roll distance
  • Offline Yardage
  • Angle of descent
  • Ball speed
  • Back spin

What golfer would not want to have that level of feedback when it comes to improving their game? The features will ensure that you know exactly where any weak spots might be in your game so that you can effectively eradicate them before you make it back onto the green in real life.

The launch monitor is also designed so that it will monitor your distance and allow you to practice using a practice range. You can either play a simulated game using it or simply work on the skills that you are most concerned with. The games included are on prestigious courses, so you will get to have some fun with that as well.

What’s Included In The Package

With the SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor, you will get quite a few things in the box, including:

  • Launch monitor
  • USB cable
  • SkyTrak companion app
  • 3D practice range with shot tracer
  • Ball performance data
  • Shot Replay

There are two other options available with the launch monitor that you can choose from that cost more and also provide extra features.

There is the Game Improvement Plan which has a protective case and a lot more data collection options and the Tee Off Plan that goes even further to provide you with full course play on 11 world-class courses.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Pros

  • 3D practice range
  • Ball performance data
  • Shot replay
  • Also a simulator
  • Play championship courses

3. SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Package

High Performance

This simulator is really made to perform and should have everything that you could ever want from a golf simulator.

SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator


The SkyTrak SwingBay Simulator Package uses high-speed photometric technology to capture the most accurate information about your shot possible. There is also a Game Improvement Plan. This is made so that you can practice your skills on your own virtual driving range while still getting live and accurate data on your shots.

There are also software add-ons to the simulator, which can allow you to play with other players remotely while still having access to some of the most prestigious golf courses in the world.

The package includes a projector that will display the simulation in high definition. That way you can have the closest thing to a real golfing experience without actually being present on a course. The HD display itself works well with the projector, giving you the exact feel that you would really hope to get from a high quality golf simulator.

What’s Included In The Package

There is a lot that comes with this package, including the following:

  • SkyTrak launch monitor and protective case
  • Landing pad tug
  • Choice of hitting mat
  • SwingBay simulator screen and enclosure
  • Game improvement software
  • Ceiling projector mount
  • 25 foot 1080p HDMI cable
  • Optoma 1080p HD short throw projector

Ultimately, there should not be anything else that you need in order to really play a game as long as you make sure that the room that you are using is big enough.

SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Pros

  • Uses high-speed photometric technology
  • Comparable with professional launch monitors
  • Fun gameplay features
  • Easy to use
  • Get live accurate data from each shot

4. SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator Package

Another SkyTrak golf simulator that you should consider is the SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator Package. This simulator package includes a retractable screen that will make it easier to take the simulator down without having to fully put it away.

SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator


As we said above, the best feature that you get from the SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator Package is the retractable screen. With only the push of a button, the screen will retract, putting itself away.

When you are ready to play again, you can push the button again and it will come back out. When the screen is up and ready, you can totally tune out the world around you while you game, because the setup is done so well.

The system collects a lot of different types of data from your swing, including:

  • Distance
  • Launch angle
  • Side spin
  • Flight path
  • Club head speed
  • Ball speed
  • Back spin

With all of the information in place, you will be able to adjust your swing as you go, so that you can really focus on the areas that need the most work from you, helping to improve your game immediately. These skills will easily transfer to the green when you are able to get back out on a real course.

What’s Included In The Package

Included with the Retractable simulator package is the following:

  • SkyTrak launch monitor and protective case
  • Game improvement software
  • Landing pad turf
  • 25 foot 1080p HDMI cable
  • Optoma 1080p HD short throw projector
  • Choice of hitting mat
  • HomeCourse ceiling and wall mount
  • HomeCourse retractable screen

It is a complete package, so you should not need to get anything else to get your game up and going.

SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator Pros

  • Screen retracts with the push of a button
  • Excellent game improvement features
  • Photometric technology for shot accuracy
  • Wireless connection with PC or tablets
  • User friendly

5. SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator Package

Budget Friendly

The final SkyTrak review that we will do is for the budget friendly SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator. Even though this simulator might be more affordable than some of the other simulators, it still has the SkyTrak level of quality and a lot of great features to work with.

SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator


Do not assume that just because this is a budget friendly model that you will be getting anything less quality than you would with other SkyTrak simulators. In fact, one of the best features that comes with this simulator is the Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Net.

This net has an automatic ball return, so you will not be hunting around for your ball after each shot. Instead, you will easily get it back and can quickly move onto the next shot. The net can also handle ball speeds up to 225 mph, so you do not need to hold back when you are taking a shot.

The simulator itself is lightweight and easily portable, so you can set it up wherever it is safe for you to swing your golf club. The simulator works both indoors and outdoors as well, so you are not limited to the confines of your course when you want to play a round of golf.

What’s Included In The Package

With the Practice Simulator Package, you will get:

  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor
  • SkyTrak Protective Metal Case
  • Game Improvement Software
  • The Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Net
  • Pro Series Side Barriers
  • 6’ x 10’ Pro Turf Mat

This package does not come with all of the same items that you will see in the more expensive packages, but it still does come with a lot to work with.

SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator Pros

  • Excellent game improvement features
  • Easy to use
  • Easily portable
  • Automatic ball return
  • Tracks progress

Reasons to Get a SkyTrak Golf Simulator

There are a lot of great reasons that you should get a SkyTrak golf simulator. To begin with, it uses photometric technology to track you ball and your swing. This works through high-speed cameras within the simulator that can immediately measure where the ball is headed and how well that you did.

There are a lot of data points provided that make it easier for you to really hone in on your skills and ensure that you will become a better golfer after you work with it. It is simply the best brand of golf simulators on the market.

Data Accuracy & What Data Points Does SkyTrak Provide 

Because of the photometric technology that is in place, the data that is provided through SkyTrak is incredibly accurate. Since the cameras can read your swing at various places, you will get a lot of great feedback.

The Data Points That Is Able To Monitor Include:

  • Total Distance
  • Carry Distance
  • Roll Distance
  • Ball Speed
  • Club Head Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Offline Yardage
  • Backspin
  • Sidespin
  • Flight path
  • Angle of descent

Because of the amount of data points, you will be able to really know what part of your swing and game in general needs the most work.

The accuracy of SkyTrak’s technology has been proven through Golf Laboratories, which is an independent testing facilitating that will look at ball speed, launch angle, back spin, the spin axis, and the side angle. The SkyTrak simulators result was very high, proving that it is, in fact, accurate and even comparable to the higher end simulators out there.

Who Is SkyTrak Best For?

SkyTrak simulators are really best for recreational golfers. This means that while professionals might enjoy working with the simulator, it is made with the casual golfer in mind. This does not mean that you can’t be serious about your game.

The brand is high quality and does supply feedback. The feedback is mostly about the ball, however, where other simulators that are much more expensive will be looking at other aspects of golfing as well.

Professional golfers might be looking more for swing data, rather than information only about the golf ball. Recreational players might opt for the pro-level simulators, but it really is not worth the extra golf simulator cost.

How Much Space Do I Need For A SkyTrak Simulator?

One of the most common questions out there for SkyTrak simulators is how much space do you really need in order to set up your SkyTrak simulator. The truth is: it depends.

At a minimum, you should have a space that is 9 feet high by 10 feet wide by 12 feet long, but the specifications do vary from simulator to simulator.

You will be able to tell whether a simulator should be set up in a certain room by how easily you can swing a golf club. The height will vary a lot depending on your own height, since you do not want to risk hitting your club on the ceiling or anything else important.

You should be able to easily and comfortable take a backswing in the room. Otherwise, it might not be a safe place. This is something you do not need to worry about if you are playing outdoors.

SkyTrak Set-Up & Cost

Since different packages come with different components, what you will need to buy will vary a lot but it can break down like this:

  • Simulator: Of course you need the simulator itself and the price on this has a wide range, but we will estimate that alone it costs about $2000
  • Net Package: A net package includes the net to catch the ball as well as the side barriers. It can run about $800.
  • Turf: You will also need a mat to play off of so that you do not completely wreck your floor. The turfs separately can run around $300.
  • Device: A device is also need to run the software. Typically, it will be a laptop or a tablet of some kind. The price on this depends on what you want or have.
  • Projector: A projector is not always necessary, but it is nice when you have one. A projector alone can be $2000.

Your total cost is between $3000 and $5000.

SkyTrak Software & Compatibility 

SkyTrak software will easily work with an iPad or a PC. The software is pretty flexible, so you should not run into compatibility issues when you are running it, unless you are using an android device or something else. Otherwise, you will be ok.

The software that will get you started with your SkyTrak simulator is the Basic Driving Range Package. It gives you a driving range to work with in addition to the ball performance data and shot replay.

The Game Improvement Package comes with quite a few of the simulators as well. It has Longest Drive competitions, Closest to the Pin contests, skills assessments, custom weather conditions, and even Target Practice. Most of the time you will get a year free with the Game Improvement Package, but then it runs $99.95 a year. You will know if you are using it or not to determine whether it will be worth the cost.

How Do I Pair the SkyTrak to a Projector?

Pairing your projector is simple. With a PC, you will do the following:

  • Connect the HDMI cable from the projector to the computer
  • Locate the projector in your computer’s locations

An iPad is also simple:

  • Connect the HDMI cable from the projector to a lightning cable AV adapter. The HDMI cable will not be setup to plug directly into the iPad’s lightning cable port
  • Connect the adapter to the iPad

The process will be mostly about making sure that all of the cables have been appropriately plugged in and that the projector is now visible as a connected device to your computer or tablet.

Alternatively, you can pair a projector to your television. This works by running an HDMI cable from the computer to the TV, adding on another device to provide a display. Your projector should come with the needed cables, with the exception of a lightning cable adapter, since this is a little less common.

How Do I Care For My SkyTrak Golf Simulator?

If you are going to invest the money into a SkyTrak simulator, you should be taking care of your investment. Here are some tips to keep your SkyTrak simulator in good shape:

  • Keep your SkyTrak simulator away from extreme weather temperatures in either direction
  • Do not drop the simulator and transport it carefully when you do have to move it
  • Keep it away from your golf swing when you are playing
  • Keep the battery charged before you begin to play
  • Look at everything that is connected to your simulator
  • Keep your lens clean and free of scratches, so be gentle with it
  • Use only a cotton cloth, somewhat dampened to clean your lens. Never use chemicals or cleaners or the lens might become damaged
  • Use a protective case to keep the unit protected when it is not in use
  • Do not power down the unit when it has not finished syncing

Can I Use SkyTrak Outdoors?

The SkyTrak simulators work best when they are used indoors rather than outdoors. Regardless, the units are all made so that they can be used indoors and outdoors and are portable as a result.

Within the simulators, there is an internal battery with a lifespan up to 4 hours, so it is ideal for long course rounds or other gameplay, so you do not need to worry about it losing a charge when it is not connected to a power source.

In order to use the SkyTrak simulators safely outside, you will need to make sure that the sun is not shining directly onto the device or the lens. The machine can become overheated and then it will not work properly and you can damage it.

Also, when you hit your ball off of read grass, the simulator might misread your shots, because of the thrown grass or any divots in the ground.

Using Real Golf Balls With Your SkyTrak Simulator

You might be wondering whether you can use real golf balls with your SkyTrak simulator. To put the answer simply: yes. In fact it is important that you use real balls when you can in order to get the most accurate readings off of your shot.

It is best that you use new or clean balls when you are using real balls with a simulator. This is to allow it to read your shot well, without any disturbances or imperfections. Likewise, you should avoid yellow golf balls, because the simulators have a hard time reading them. Stick with the brand that you use in real life as well.

Does The SkyTrak Work Without A Connection?

Do not worry if you are not able to have a wireless connection when you are using your golf simulator. The SkyTrak system will continue to send data to your device, so when you are able to next get onto a WiFi network, the information will be synced and uploaded into your history.

The downside to this is that you will not have instant feedback about how well your shot was before you take another shot. You will get to learn later once the information is transferred, however, so you still can golf wherever you want to.

Final Words: Is SkyTrak Worth It?

It is no small thing to spend a couple of thousands of dollars on a golf simulator, so you will be wondering whether this is worth it at all. After finishing the SkyTrak golf simulator review we can say that the answer is, “yes” when it comes to recreational golfers.

When you are a recreational golfer and enjoy the sport for the fun of it, you should be able to play, even if you cannot actually get out onto a course. For that reason, getting a golf simulator is completely worth it. You will be able to practice as if you were there in real life.

For its part, SkyTrak is a reliable brand that brings with it a lot of data technology to help you track the progress of your ball throughout a game. You will get information on how you play as well as what it will take to be a better golfer. Therefore, SkyTrak is definitely worth it.

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