Best Golf Launch Monitor (2020 Reviews)

When it comes to buying the best golf launch monitor on the market, you will need to know what you are looking for.

Shopping for them can be like falling into a rabbit hole, where there are too many options.

There is no reason to be confused. Instead, you should think about what you would like from your golf launch monitor.

Do you want it to be able to work both indoors and outdoors? What price range are you thinking about? Will you actually use it? You will also need to think about what kind of data you want the monitor to keep track of.

Once you have a general idea of what you need from your launch monitor, then you will be able to shop, knowing what to look for. We have picked out the best launch monitors on the market right now in a few different areas to help you out.

7 Best Golf Launch Monitors (2020)

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1. SkyTrak Launch Monitor

Editor's Choice



2. GC2 Golf Launch Monitor

High Performance



3. Swing Caddie SC200

Budget Friendly



4. FlightScope Mevo+



5. Ernest Sports ES12



6. Rapsodo Golf Launch Monitor



7. Garmin G80 Launch Monitor



1. SkyTrak Launch Monitor & Simulator Software

Best Golf Launch Monitor (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the best golf launch monitor is the SkyTrak Launch Monitor with simulator software. This golf launch monitor has amazing accuracy, even though it is not as expensive as other launch monitors on the market.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor


The SkyTrak launch monitor comes with photometric technology that allows you to have the highest level of accuracy possible. It works by taking a series of high-speed pictures that are then analyzed through the software’s flight model. The algorithm work quickly to give you a perfect ball flight simulation, letting you know what happened to the ball when you hit it.

The data points that the software measures includes:

  • Total distance
  • Carry distance
  •  Roll distance
  • Ball speed
  • Club head speed
  • Launch angle
  • Offline yardage
  • Back spin
  • Side spin
  • Flight path
  • Angle of descent

This system also works both indoors and outdoors, so you will not be stuck inside on a sunny day, even if you cannot get out to the golf course. This is due to the impeccable measurement of the photometric technology.

The SkyTrak launch monitor is also easy to setup and east to use. There should not be much of a learning curve; you just hit the ball as you would if you were out on the green. Customer service is helpful if you need them, however.

What Comes With It

With the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, you get:

  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor
  • USB cable
  • SkyTrak Companion App
  • 3D Basic Range with Shot Tracer
  • Ball Performance Data
  • Shot Replay

If you want more with your golf launch monitor, there are more packages that go beyond the basic package. They do cost extra, but give you more options as well.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Pros

  • Photometric technology
  • Works both indoors and outdoors
  • Lots of ball measurement features
  • User friendly
  • Endless game features

2. GC2 Golf Launch Monitor

High Performance

Our high performance choice is the GC2 Launch Monitor. This monitor will allow you to play anywhere while still providing you with what you need to improve your game.

GC2 Golf Launch Monitor


The GC2 is a little different than other technologies, because it uses a camera-based approach to performance analysis. There are position indicators that are on the club head that will ensure that the data from the club head are recorded.

This will analyze exactly what you are doing when you are swinging and where the ball is being hit on the club itself. That way, you will be able to adjust your swing.

Another get feature with this golf launch monitor is that it works well both indoors and outdoors. It works even on grass, mats, or wherever you would like to practice. It is nice to practice on grass, because you will be able to really practice your skills as if you are on a real course, transferring the skills when you are able to play a game in real-life.

You have two choices to see the data captured by the GC2. You can look at display swing information on the LCD screen instantly, or you can use the performance simulation software to capture the club head’s movement in real-time. The performance software does cost more, but it is really worth it. The product is also easy to use and no additional power is required to get it working.

What Comes With It

When you buy the GC2 Launch Monitor, you get:

  • GC2 Launch Monitor
  • A super flash
  • Power adapter and cable
  • USB cable

It might not come with as much as other golf launch monitors, but it will still get the job done well.

GC2 Launch Monitor Pros

  • Works indoors or outdoors
  • Less than 4 pounds
  • Self-leveling technology
  • Portable
  • Highly accurate

3. Swing Caddie SC200 PLUS Golf Launch Monitor

Budget Friendly

You do not need to spend a fortune to get a good, quality golf launch monitor. If you are on a budget, we recommend the Swing Caddie SC200 PLUS as the best launch monitor for you.

Swing Caddie SC200 Golf Launch Monitor


The Swing Caddie SC200 PLUS has a lot of great features to work with. The practice mode displays the following:

  • Shot distance
  • Swing speed
  • Ball speed
  • Smash factor
  • Time played
  • Total shot count

You only need to select your club, put the swing caddie behind the ball, and then you are ready to go. The Swing Caddie will register your shot and then show the shot information on the display so that you can review it.

The barometric pressure calibration sensor will automatically calibrate itself so that you get the most accurate readings possible. Then, with the voice distance output feature, you will hear automatically what the distance was, so you can reset faster in between your shots.

There is both Target Mode and Practice Mode. Practice Mode will display your shot distance, swing speed, and other factors. You get to choose which club you are using and then it will be able to automatically register your shot.

With Target Mode, you can set a target distance to help you get more consistent with your shots. When you are using Target Mode, you can shoot for 10 times and it will show you how close you were at the end of the 10 shots.

What Comes With It

With the Swing Caddie SC200 you get:

  • SC200 PLUS launch monitor
  • Remote control
  • SC200 guide

You might not get a lot with this golf launch monitor, but it still will not disappoint you.

Swing Caddie SC200 Pros

  • Practice mode displays shot distance
  • Barometric pressure calibration
  • Voice distance output
  • Option for random target distances
  • Swing speed

4. FlightScope Mevo+ Golf Launch Monitor

Another great golf launch monitor on the market right now is the FlightScopeMevo+ Launch Monitor. This is a nice, compact monitor that will get the job done well.

FlightScope Mevo Golf Launch Monitor


The FlightScopeMevo+ allows you to measure up to 16 ball and data parameters, do you will be able to pinpoint where your issues are with your swing. As you adjust, the monitor will also be able to let you know where you have had any improvement as well as where you might still be struggling.

The monitor is able to provide data on the following:

  • Carry distance
  • Club head speed
  • Ball speed
  • Smash factor
  • Spin rate
  • Angle of attack
  • Spin axis
  • Spin loft
  • Horizontal launch angle
  • Vertical launch angle
  • Lateral landing
  • Total distance
  • Roll distance
  • Apex height
  • Flight time
  • Shot shape

That is a lot of information that you will be able to work with, ensuring that you can figure out exactly what is working or not working with each shot.

The monitor can be used either indoors or outdoors as needed, you only have to position it, so it might not be a good idea to do outdoors if it is raining. Overall it is lightweight and should work regardless of the conditions.

The system is built with 17 practice ranges, 8 additional data parameters, and 5 simulated golf courses. The internal camera also makes it easy to align your target.

What Comes With It

Really all that comes with this one is the monitor itself. It does work with other software, so you will be able to upload other courses into it. Otherwise, you still need a device in order to view it well.

FlightScope Mevo+ Launch Monitor Pros

  • Works both indoors and outdoors
  • 16 data settings
  • FlightScope mobile app
  • 5 Simulated golf courses
  • 17 Practice ranges

5. Ernest Sports ES12 Player Golf Launch Monitor

The Ernest Sports ES12 is another type of launch monitor that you might want to consider. This is a very compact, easily portable monitor that will easily slip into a duffel bag to take with you wherever you would like to go.

Ernest Sports ES12 Golf Launch Monitor


The ES12 comes with a lot of features that should make you happy. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, so it likely will work with your tablet or phone. The launch monitor can also track and analyze your practice sessions, giving you instant data feedback so that you can know what you still need to work on.

One of the best features that comes with this portable golf launch monitor is that there is a side-by-side video analysis, so you can analyze and improve your swing plane, looking at what exactly you might be doing wrong.

The data itself can be exported into an Excel document, so if you are really wanting to keep a real record of your own stats, you will have the ability to do that.

The club gapping feature will allow you to analyze shot data by club, so you can let it know which club you are using and it will keep track of how well you are doing with that club.

What Comes With It

The Ernest Sports ES12 is a basic launch monitor, so it does not come with a lot of other add-ons. That said, it still has a lot of built-in features, as mentioned above, so you do not need to think that this is not worth your time. The monitor has plenty of data collection options and gameplay options for you to work with.

Ernest Sports ES12 Pros

  • Doppler radar technology
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Easy to setup
  • Clear LCD screen
  • Displays ball and distance data after each shot

6. Rapsodo Mobile Golf Launch Monitor

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is by far one of the most affordable golf launch monitors that you can get that will still be able to do its job well. This monitor will work you’re your mobile device to help you improve your golf game.

Rapsodo Mobile Golf Launch Monitor


The features that you will get from the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor include the ability to track your shot via GPS. With a satellite view in place, you will be able to easily see where your balls are scattering, so that you can adjust your swing accordingly. Unfortunately, this device can only be used outdoors, since it will not work if you are shooting into a net.

One of the best features that you get with this launch monitor is that it can provide you with instant video feedback, as if you had a coach right behind you to give you pointers. In fact, the amount of accuracy that you get with this monitor is professional-level, so you know that you are getting the right kind of feedback.

The video will replay with your stats. There is also an active shot tracer on the video replays, so you will be able to effectively see what the flight pattern of your ball was.

The setup for the monitor only takes a matter of seconds, so there should not be any learning curve that you might have to contend with.

What Comes With It

Included with the Rapsodo is the following:

  • MLM launch monitor itself
  • Carrying case
  • USB-C cable
  • Quick start guide

There is also a free mobile app that you can download to work directly with the monitor, so you will never miss a shot.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor Pros

  • Affordable price
  • GPS maps
  • Shot scatter visualization
  • Radar Doppler tracking
  • Instant video feedback

7. Garmin Approach G80 Premium Golf GPS Launch Monitor

The final portable golf launch monitor that we will take a look at is the Garmin Approach G80 Premium GPS launch monitor. Since Garmin is well-known for its GPS devices, you can expect that this one will be able to really deliver on accuracy as far as travel goes.


There are a lot of great features that come with the Garmin Approach G80, including tracking of the following:

  • Club head speed
  • Ball speed
  • Smash factor
  • Swing tempo
  • Shot distance

It does not take a lot of effort to get the device up and working either. You simply lay it down next to you while you are hitting your balls, and it will give you all of the feedback that you really need in order to improve your game.

The monitor also has simulated rounds for over 41,000 golf courses around the world. With the GPS included, you will get preloaded, full-color detailed maps of the courses. This will let you really feel like you are at one of these courses, working in the various terrain and courses.

The PlaysLike Distance features will give you distance to the front, back, and middle of the green, as well as any hazards or points are on the fairway. It also adjusts for both uphill and downhill shots.

The device itself is light and compact. It has a 3.5” touchscreen display and slim design that make it completely portable.

What Comes With It

With the Garmin Approach G80, you get:

  • G80 Launch Monitor with GPS
  • USB cable
  • Trolley/cart mount
  • Lanyard carabiner

You really do not need much more in the way of add-ons. This device is ready to help you out.

Garmin Approach G80 Pros

  • Accurate distances of worldwide courses
  • PlayBetter protective hard case
  • Portable charger
  • Integrated launch monitor tracks data
  • 41,000 courses included

Factors To Consider When Getting A Golf Launch Monitor

Golf Launch Monitor Factors


The first thing that you really need to consider when it comes to shopping for the best golf launch monitor is your budget. The price of golf launch monitors is a huge range, going from a couple of hundred dollars all the way up to tens of thousands of dollars.

You do not need to break the bank in order to get a decent launch monitor, so do not feel like you need to spend a lot to get help with your game. Instead, think about what you want from your monitor as well as your budget and plan accordingly.

Indoor vs. Outdoor vs. Both

You will also need to think about where you are going to be using the golf launch monitor. Some are made for strictly indoors, some strictly outdoors, and others work in either situation. Where will you be shooting the most?

If you are thinking that you are likely to be in the backyard, an outdoor monitor might be just perfect for you. If you would like to be able to play, regardless of the weather, you need a launch monitor that will be able to handle the indoors as well. Only you know how you will use it.

Business or Practice Use

What is the goal of having the golf launch monitor for you? A club fitter or teaching professional will be looking at data in order to effectively make better sales. Coaches will like it to help out their athletes.

If you are just a casual or occasional golfer, you should be able to use the less expensive monitors to get the type of results that you are likely looking for. Typically, you do not need all of the data monitoring possible when you are just practicing at home, but it is really up to you.

Final Words 

While there are a lot of different launch monitors out on the market to choose from, it is still important that you know what you are shopping for before committing to one launch monitor over another.

That said, our recommendation for the best golf launch monitor on the market right now is the SkyTrak Launch Monitor with simulator software. This device has everything that you need in order to effectively work on your golfing skills, even when you are far from a fairway.

There are still many other launch monitors on the market that might be a better fit for you. Part of the decision will come from how much you want to spend, but another part is what you are looking to have monitored and how serious you are about it.

Never underestimate the more affordable launch monitors, because one might be the best choice for you.

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